To My Mom

Dear Mammy,

It is so incredible how much we have both grown over the years. It has been absolutely amazing being able to be by your side. Growing up was so much fun; we never sat behind a tv or phone, and I am very grateful for that. Rather you and I would read, skate and play together. Now that I have grown up, I am so blessed to have you in  my life and be able to call you my mom. I have never met anyone who puts everyone else before herself, helping anyone that you can. I’ve seen you nurse a dying roster back to health, feed an elderly women dinner every night, and countless other acts of love that you do for strangers. You are wonder women in the truest since, and I can only hope to achieve the level of success that you have in your life. Thank you mom, I love you 🙂75c48c4c200b968fc7f532657d3fe7cb.jpg


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